In the Science Department we aim to stimulate students’ interest in the world around them and provide them with an opportunity to investigate observed problems in a scientific manner, evaluating their own work and improving it as required. We aim to improve the level of understanding of individual students through practical and objective scientific enquiry in a contextualised situation relevant to the individual.

Our aim is to identify strengths and weaknesses in every student and offer courses which provide for the needs of the individual thus allowing them to achieve their potential and maximise their attainment.

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4

Key Stage 5

Special Features

  • We have an established programme of KS2 Liaison activities in conjunction with our Partner Junior Schools culminating in a Practical Bridging Project for all those students transferring to Hylands.
  • We have a vocational as well as an academic Science strand at all Key Stages.
  • We have an extremely strong Community Plan which includes activities with local Junior Schools, our Link Secondary School and a number of Adult Education Groups.