Media Studies

The Media Studies department at Hylands School aims to foster a greater degree of understanding of the role that the media increasingly plays in our daily lives. Students will acquire a sound foundation in the main conceptual approaches and debates of Media Studies.

Production work is an important component of the course. We believe that the value of production work is that it allows candidates to translate theory into practise, by demonstrating knowledge and understanding of technical skills in their own media productions, as well as to engage them in creative and imaginative activity.

Career Opportunities 

A qualification in Media Studies does not in itself open doors to the world of the film and television industries. It does, however, provide a good basis for employment in these areas as well as for a wide range of other courses and occupations, such as journalism, advertising and teaching.  It is highly recognised for the rigour of its assessment in terms of critcal analysis and the skills students need to demonsrtate when producing substantial written coursework assignments.

Key Stage 4

Key Stage 5

A2 Media Photo Shoot

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