Physical Education

Achieving success through participation and performance"

The PE Department seeks to help today’s young people develop into adults with a lifetime commitment to sport and physical activity.

We aim:

  • To develop an understanding of the importance of exercise in maintaining a healthy life
  • To develop a range of motor skills
  • To develop the appreciation of the concepts of fair play and honest competition
  • To develop the capacity to persevere to achieve success
  • To encourage an intrinsic enjoyment of sport and physical activity
  • To strive to raise the standard of physical education and sport for all our students

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4

Key Stage 5

Special Features

All pupils also have the opportunity to extend the Outdoor/Adventurous activities programme by attending a residential ‘Camp’ for a week during the summer term.

Extra Curricular Clubs

Hylands School is renowned for its extensive extra-curricular programmes. The PE department see their extra-curricular programme as an imperative role for the overall development of the students at the school.

The extra-curricular programme provides the opportunity to:

  • Extend the students’ knowledge and understanding in a variety of activities
  • Raise the standards of Physical Education and sport for all our students
  • Work towards a particular goal such as a games match or a presentation of a dance performance
  • Develop the enjoyment of sport and physical activity at our school
  • Promote lifelong physical activity in the youth of tomorrow
  • Establish contacts and shared interests with other schools and clubs within the local community.