• psychology


The Psychology Department aims to provide students with an insight into psychological research, where they can apply such knowledge to both human and animal behaviours.

Students will not only be expected to gain knowledge of theories and studies but also to develop their literacy, numeracy, analytical, application and evaluative skills.

Students are encouraged to take ownership of their own learning by becoming ‘independent learners’.  In order to aid their understanding of the psychological research, students will be expected to carry out mini psychological investigations of their own, collect results, draw conclusions as well as evaluate their own work.

Key Stage 4

Key Stage 5

Special Features

The Psychology Department strives to make every student achieve their potential at GCSE and A-Level. To do this teachers provide thorough feedback on class work and homework assignments, as well as having one-to-one discussions with students following assessments;
these include:

  • End of topic assessments
  • Mock exams
  • AQA Unit and re-sit exams.

Furthermore, the Department runs lunchtime revision sessions for GCSE, AS and A-Level classes in preparation for exams.