PE / Sports Clubs

Autumn Term 2016

Target Group/Year
Staff Responsible


  Monday After School Mr Williams
Netball   Monday After School Mrs Wood & Miss Green
Boys Rugby Year 7 Monday After School Mr Downes
Boys Basketball Years 8 & 9 Monday After School Mr Hewlett
Girls Rugby   Tuesday After School External Teacher
Girls Football   Wednesday After School Mrs Wood
Trampolining   Wednesday After School Miss Green & Mr Downes
Boys Basketball Year 7 Wednesday After School Mr Hewlett
Boys Basketball Years 10 & 11 Thursday After School Mr Hewlett
Dance   Thursday After School Miss Green
Boys Football Year 7 Thursday After School Mr Hepworth
Boys Football Years 8 & 9 Thursday After School Mr Downes
School Run   Friday After School Mr Hewlett, Mr Williams, Mrs Wood, Mr Downes, Miss Green

You will recieve 3 reward points for every club you attend.

Open every lunchtime:

  • Room 1  - Student Support
  • Room 25 - Design & Technology
  • Room 18 - ICT GCSE coursework catch up and after school (not Tuesday)
  • Room 100 - Art

KS3 - must attend at least 1 activity each week.  We would encourage you to try as many that interest you as possible until you have found something you would like to attend regularly.

KS4 students - should be attending as many extra study sessions as possible to help improve your coursework/exam grades.