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Students should ensure that they arrive and assemble before the start time of the exam to ensure they are not late. The start time is shown on the candidates exam timetable, school examination notice board and you can access the exam timetable on the school website. If any amendments are made to the start times, the website timetable will show these. Please refer to this timetable as the primary source for start times. Students must enter the exam room in silence and remain completely silent until all the papers have been collected. Remember that some students may still be working when you leave the exam room.

Students will be expected to remain in the exam room throughout the scheduled period of the exam. YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO LEAVE EARLY: spend any spare time checking your answers.

Students are expected to bring into the exam room all the pens and equipment that they will need. In particular, they will need a black ink pen. If they are sitting mathematics exams, they should check what equipment they can use in the exam and bring that with them.

Any pencil cases used must be clear and see through.
Any water bottles must be clear with labels removed and contain water only

It is the students responsibility to make sure they do not bring unauthorised material into the exam room. Make sure revision notes are left outside. If you are permitted to refer to a text or notes you have made, you must make sure that you have brought in only the permitted material.

It is also extremely important that students do not bring into the exam room any mobile phones, MP3/4 players, ipods or any products with an electronic communication/storage facility. If any student is found to have any such device in their possession during an exam, the exam board will be informed and the student will almost certainly be disqualified from that exam. Bags should not be brought into the examination room.

If you are unwell and cannot attend an exam you should let the school office know as soon as possible. If you are late, go to the exam room as soon as you arrive at the school and tell the invigilators why you are late. Whilst you will normally be allowed to sit the exam, the exam board will be advised and they may not accept the script.