Hylands School provides a stimulating, broad and balanced curriculum to all students. Each lesson is delivered through a rich variation of learning activities following National Curriculum guidelines with the added benefits of extensive enrichment and extra-curricular opportunities. Beyond the classroom enrichment is seen as an important part of the ‘Hylands experience’ designed to extend and enhance students’ learning.

Early in Year 7, our new entrants are tested in English and Maths and placed into ability based groups for Maths, English and Science.  This allows every student, whilst all following the same core curriculum, to work in a group best suited to their ability. We find this helps develop early confidence in these core subjects and ensures students work at a pace suited to the individual which fosters a deep understanding from the outset.  Teachers regularly review student suitability within each group and movement between ability groups occurs where necessary.

Subjects taught in Year 7 encompass the entire traditional range, including French as well as Challenge Based Learning (CBL).  CBL is a problem solving, team building and learning to learn programme designed to teach students to find solutions to intricate problems together and build resilience. It promotes the personal and social development of our students and speeds up the settling in process then aids the transition from Year 7 to 8.

At Key Stage 4, we follow a model where students complete their GCSE options over the three years.  In year 9 students complete one GCSE option at the end of the year.  Year 10 opt for a further two options, which they complete and the end of the year, and year 11 are guided into studying two more GCSEs to suit their needs.  Vocational options, such as Media and Land Based Studies are also incorporated into the range of courses available to ensure the abilities and interests of all students are catered for.

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