We strive to ensure KS3 students are able to work in a happy and safe environment to enable them to learn and achieve.  There is a team of staff in place to support this –

Tutors provide a positive start to the day.  They ensure students are organised, discuss issues, and help them review their termly assessments and set academic targets.

Assistant Key Stage Coordinators supports students in tutor and encourages students to become fully involved in Hylands School  life

The Pastoral Support Manager helps students deal with any day to day problems/ issues which are affecting their progress or general welfare

The Key Stage 3 Coordinator oversees the students and year groups and tracks their academic progress putting in place support and interventions where there is a need.

Year 6 - 7 Transition

We provide Year 7 with comprehensive program which results in the students enjoying a smooth and happy transition to Hylands.  In the summer term of Year 6 pupils attend a induction day where they experience the Hylands school day.  In the evening they and their parents meet their Tutors, the Pastoral Support Manager and the Key Stage Coordinator and begin to develop essential links between home and school.  We liaise closely with primary schools to support this process.  In the summer holidays we provide a Summer School for one week where all new Year 7 students are invited to take part.  Activities include sports, art, cooking and music.

Year 7

Year 8