Senior Sixth

Senior Sixth Aims:

We have all agreed that we have seen the school undergo massive improvement since we first joined in 2009 and now that we are in Year 13, we intend to help make further improvements to the school through the work we are doing as the Senior Sixth. Each of us have individual roles and will be working collaboratively to make improvements to the sixth form school life, taking significant care to aid the Year 11 students transition into Year 12. This is of central importance to us because although our predecessors had attempted to inform us about the next two years of our lives, now having experienced Year 12 we feel as though we can improve on their attempts and fully prepare the next Year 12’s for KS5 in a way we wished we had.

Though one of our primary focuses will be related to the sixth form, we will also be working to enrich the lives of the younger school years as well. There will be Student Voice/Anti-bullying guidance, many inter-house sporting competitions, organised charity events and fundraisers, as well as numerous other events that will be ongoing throughout the year to raise money for the Year 13 Summer Ball we will be organising.

The Senior Sixth is here so that students can feel more comfortable talking to or asking questions to somebody that is closer to their age and who may better understand what they are experiencing, allowing us to act as a sort of communications bridge between student and teacher.

We have high hopes for the oncoming year and that our run is successful in leaving everlasting improvements behind to be picked up and carried further by the next Senior Sixth team, hopefully inspiring younger years to see a role on this team as something to aspire to.

The members of the Senior Sixth are:

Daisy Handscomb – Head Girl

Sam Sayer – Head Boy

Mollie Brett, Francesca Burrows, Holly Davis, William Dixon, Hannah Donnan, Grace Ellis, Anna-Louise McMinn, Leah Palmer, Rebecca Rouse, Lucy Swift, James Trim, Phobee Wood and Robert Johnson.

Meet the Team