Key Stage 4


This course is targeted at students who may wish to pursue a career in the catering industry and have an interest in and enjoyment of food preparation and service. The course content is divided into four compulsory areas of study:

The Catering Industry

Nutrition and Menu Planning

Food Production

Technological Development

Text Books used:

  • Year 10 & 11 - Hospitality & Catering - WJEC Board - ISBN 978-0-340-94839-2

Product Graphic Design with Elements

This course has been designed to encourage students to be able to design and make products with creativity and originality, using a range of resistant materials (wood, metal, plastics) and manufacturing techniques.  This also includes a range of graphic and modelling materials.  In design and modelling they are encouraged to learn through images, understand and apply colour and design, to develop spatial concepts, and to understand graphic materials and their manipulation. 

They will design and make quality product(s) using graphic media and a range of resustant materials and also introduced to new technologies to prepare them for the world of work.  The course will also foster awareness of resources and substantiality and their effects on the environment. 

This course is an excellent stepping stone into A Level Product Design course and for students interested in engineering, manufacturing or a creative career.