Key Stage 3

Students in Key Stage 3 learn either French or Spanish for three lessons per fortnight.  Text books are used in class and extracts are loaded onto the Involve part of the Pupil Reward Points website for homework tasks.

Independent learning is encouraged through use of ICT resources, pairwork, groupwork and whole class activities. 

French Text Books used:

Key Stage 3 French Textbooks:

  • EXPO 1 Pupil Book                            ISBN 9780435384739
  • EXPO 2 Vert Pupil Book                    ISBN 9780435385576
  • EXPO 2 Rouge Pupil Book              ISBN 9780435385125
  • EXPO 3 Vert Pupil Book                    ISBN 9780435385347
  • EXPO 3 Rouge Pupil Book              ISBN 9780435385934

Key Stage Spanish Textbooks:

  • Listos 1 Pupil Book                                    ISBN 9780435429041
  • Listos 2 Rojo (higher) Pupil Book           ISBN 9780435429607
  • Listos 2 Rojo (higher) Pupil Book           ISBN 9780435429607


Additional Learning Opportunities

The department facilitates and encourages participation in local speaking competitions 'Have your Say'.