Key Stage 5

Our Geography A-Level courses focus on many topical issues relevant to everyday life, creating knowledgeable and well rounded individuals, prepared for life in the 21st century.  We study core geographical concepts, consider impacts and assess management.

Our planned course for current Year 12 will study topics such as:

  • Water and Carbon Cycles
  • Coastal Systems
  • Hazards
  • Places Around the World
  • Contemporary Urban Environments

Our planned studies for current Year 13 include:

  • Contemporary Geographical Issues
  • Plate Testonics and Hazards
  • World Cities
  • Development and Globalisation.

We will ask questions and expolre ideas such as:

  • How do countries react to earthquakes?
  • How might development affect different cities?
  • What is the impact of very larhe companies?

Also we study a Geographical issue Education module.  Students use a variety of skills to analyse and interpret information so that evaluations and conclusions can be made.


Our trip to the Isle of Arran, Scotland, provides our students with the opportunity to investigate real geography in an awe inspiring, glaciated environment. We are privileged to attend this centre as it is renowned for its world class status amongst geographers world wide.

We are also likely to do fieldwork in more local areas.