Key Stage 4

Students undertake a two year course following the AQA GCSE English Language and the AQA English Literature.

English Language provides opportunities for students to acquire and develop skills which are then applicable to their wider studies and, later, in the work place. They will gain reading skills that allow them to infer and deduce meanings from a wide range of language texts as well as summarising, exploring and analysing them.  Students are also expected to write with precise technical accuracy, showing that they can develop arguments, write creatively and consider purpose, form and audience.

The study of Literature means engaging with a broad range of texts. It will help students develop a critical awareness of themselves and changing society, as well as an appreciation of other societies and cultures.  Although this course still reflects the study of traditional texts such as English Literary Heritage and Shakespeare it also consists of contemporary texts and authors.  Students are encouraged to learn through multi-modal references such as films and modern adaptations and interpretations.

Students will study a range of pre and post 20th century novels, poetry and plays.  Some of the texts studied are: 'An Inspector Calls', 'Romeo and Juliet', 'The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde' as well as poetry by a range of poets from both the literary heritage and contemporary cannons.  All the texts are aim at enriching our students' reading experience and broadening their contextual knowledge of different societies and cultures.