Key Stage 4

GCSE Drama offers students the opportunity to develop a range of performance skills as well as important social skills, enabling them to become as professional and accomplished as they can be for their future. Students complete three units with the examination board Edexcel exploring a range of skills and stimuli. They also complete their controlled assessments which include evaluations of the two practical examinations and a theatre review.

The curriculum is:

  • GCSE Unit 1 Examination – The exploration of a theme
  • GCSE Unit 2 Examination- The exploration of a play and its intentions
  • GCSE Unit 3 Examination- The showcase performance based on a theme


Students are given a diary to complete after every lesson, reflecting on progress made as well as targets. Students are also given guidelines to complete to ensure their controlled assessments are completed effectively.

Additional Information

Students go on a theatre trip to a local theatre or to the West End. They are expected to complete a theatre review as part of their Drama coursework. This is written as a draft in year 10.

Useful Resources