Key Stage 3

Year 7

ICT is taught for two hours per week on a rotation with Technology which enables pupils to spend one half of the academic year focusing on ICT and the second half working in Technology. Throughout the year pupils will develop skills in a variety of software packages, ranging from the Microsoft Office Suite to bespoke programming applications. Pupils will study the following topics during their time in ICT in Year 7; ‘E-safety’, ‘The Use of Email’, ‘Animation’, ‘Binary and Control’ and ‘Data Analysis’.

Year 8

ICT is taught for two hours per week on a rotation, as in year 7. Pupils will be given the opportunity to further develop skills from the previous years teaching, in addition to being introduced to further specialist software packages. Pupils will be taught skills in the use databases, spreadsheets, sound editing, programming and digital publications.

Year 9

ICT is taught discretely for one hour per week. Through this program of study, students learn how ICT can be used to find, develop, analyse and present information, as well as to model situations and solve problems. Although the majority of the course is practical there are also theoretical aspects that enable the students to understand why and how we use ICT at school, at home and in the workplace. The topics that we cover include ‘What is ICT?’, ‘e-Safety’, graphic design, desktop publishing, animation, video editing and data handling.

The skills taught during Key Stag 3 are aimed at giving pupils a working knowledge of a variety of software packages and give pupils a brilliant chance of excelling in ICT and Computer Science at GCSE level.