Key Stage 4


Hylands offers all students the opportunity to start GCSE Science at Year 9, allowing them to take a three year GCSE course.  All students will study Double GCSE option of Core Science and Additional Science with the AQA exam board. Students in Year 10 will follow the AQA Trilogy Science new specification and Year 11 students will follow the AQA 2014 Additional Science Specification  The course is now Linear which means that two grades are achieved at the end of Year 11.  All three of the Science areas Biology, Chemistry and Physics are covered and integrated together for final examinations on completion of the Additional Science course.

Hylands also offers the opportunity for selected students to take Triple Science which allows them to achieve three separate Science GCSE's in Biology, Chemistry and Physics and prepares them for A Levels and for specific career pathways.  This is open to students who have a strong aptitude and interest for Science and who have aspirations of studying Science beyond their GCSE years.

Hylands offers the opportunity for students to take Environmental Land Based Studies as a Level 1 NVQ option subject. This allows students to study land management, agriculture and animal care and husbandry and have hands on experience of life on the school farm. This subject is assessed by 100% coursework.


Science A - Unit 5

Science A - Unit 6

Additional Science - Unit 5

Additional Science - Unit 6

Chemistry: Rates of Reaction ISA