Key Stage 3

In Year 7, students embark on the Visual Elements, skills based, project for the first half term. This includes direct observational drawing techniques, colour theory and shape and form studies. Later in the year, we aim to build on these skills via thematic approaches, such as: Me, Myself and I, and Animals in Art.

In year 8 we focus on extending students’ knowledge and understanding of Art by further use of traditional methods and media as well as expressive and experimental approaches, to develop confidence, ideas and skills. Themes include Modigliani and the Mask and Viewpoints.

Home learning is set when appropriate and involves the gathering of visual information, direct observation drawing activities and sustained project work.  We encourage pupils to work in creative ways at home in addition to formal home learning; exploring their ideas and recording in a variety of media.  Work is assessed on a regular basis to ensure students challenged and engaged in their Art studies.