Key Stage 3

Our Key Stage 3 course is designed to enthuse and inspire students about various diverse topics and periods. Over the course of the two years we develop the students’ appreciation and abilities within History through a combination of overview and depth studies. One of the wider aims is to allow students to develop their own frameworks and narratives of the past, including English, British and World History.

In Year 7, students study History from 2000BC through to the Stuart Age. The Year 8 course begins with a study of the manner in which the United Kingdom was united and the rule of Oliver Cromwell before moving on to the reasons for the American and French Revolutions. More modern History is encountered during the remainder of the course with studies on the Wider Suffrage Movement and The World Wars and Holocaust. Units of study and lessons are structured around key enquiries aimed at providing challenge and fascination within lessons, such as:

  • ‘Were all Britons Roman in Roman Britain?’
  • ‘Did the Reformation occur solely because of religion?’
  • ‘What was the biggest turning point in the power of Parliament?’
  • ‘Were the megalomaniacal actions of monarchs responsible for revolutions in the eighteenth century?’
  • ‘Why did it take so long for women to gain the right to vote?’