Year 12 Work Experience

As part of preparing Year 12 students for University and/or work after leaving Hylands Sixth Form College, We would like to provide Year 12's  with the opportunity to carry out work experience during the last two weeks of the Summer Term, commencing 11thJuly 2016.

The work students undertake during this week should help them to gain experience in a particular field that relates to the University course or career path they want to pursue, as well as to help develop skills that will put them above other university or job applicants. We advise that this work must be voluntary and unpaid; it is not acceptable to students to work for their part time employers for these weeks.

Students are responsible for arranging their own work experience and must attend for the full two week period. They must take into consideration travel arrangements.

This is a great opportunity for Sixth Form students in such a difficult economic climate and I believe they will gain considerably for this experience.

6th Form Work Experience

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