Our EAL Team

LogoWe would like to congratulate our new team of Young Interpreters. They have just completed their training and are ready and able with any queries from our newly arrived EAL (English as an additional language) students.

Each Young interpreter will be wearing a YIS badge.

EAL Team - May 16

Please note the following which shows what is expected  from our young interpreters

Dos and don’ts:

  • Do tell us about a new arrival as soon as possible so we can help on their first day.
  • Do ask us to meet families with you on their first visit of the school.
  • Do invite us to open evenings and other important events to welcome parents.
  • Do let us use our languages in lessons – we promise we’re on task!
  • Give us advance notice of what you want us to help with so we can prepare ourselves.
  • Consider seating plans. We can help by interpreting or rephrasing instructions so please pair us up with our buddies.
  • Do use all of us.
  • Do keep this leaflet handy so you can refer to it as and when you need us.
  • Don’t worry if none of us can speak the language of a new arrival – we are very empathetic and can help by using pupil friendly English, visuals etc.
  • Remember we are not professional interpreters. Don’t ask us to interpret in formal meetings. The language will be too difficult to translate and we don’t want to hear confidential or sensitive information about classmates and their families.
  • Don’t ask us to translate everything during lessons. We can help with routine instructions but we are not teachers.
  • Don‘t ask us to help for long periods of time. Please allow other Young Interpreters to step in - interpreting can become overwhelming.


 We meet once a month to discuss strategies to be used to help new EAL students. 

Suzanne Caddy

Higher Level Teaching Assistant/EAL