Sciene Week Follow Up

Our students have been working independently since Science Week on projects on the theme of 'Changing our use of Plastics.' They have worked really hard and their projects look very exciting.  The students will be finalising their projects and get them ready to display for the Science Fair evening.  Years 7 and 8 will be invited to view the displays Thursday lunchtime and vote for their favourite.

The evening fair will be held in the main hall from 6.30pm until 8pm Thursday 27th April 2017. Parents and Governors have been invited. The final result when we announce the winners will be at 7.45pm.

Project Students
Money Back Recycling Emil Walloe, Anthony Patient, Wade Barker, Thomas, Harvey, Ben, Charlie
Recycling at Schools Oliver Oakhill, Samuel Montague, Tyler Sarling
Plastic Free Pens Olivia Oakhill, Lucy Coleman, Holly Peacock, Charlotte, Holly McGuahey, Kelly Pinto
Recycling Robot Evan Deas, Michael Pullen, Dylan Clarke,Matthew Lowe,Daniel Umax,Billy and Jamie ?
Magnetic Plastic Amy Robery. Emma Sims
Smart Recycling Bins Joseph Best, Harry Buckle, Jake 
Wildlife Recycling Jessica Dean. Ebony Boxall, Bethany Gooding. 
Palm Leaf Plastics Charlie Bradford, Savannah Singh
Plastic Free Milk Charlotte Dobinson, Emily, Kayli Archer, Becky
Home Plastic Reshaper Chloe Laws, Levi Weatherhead
Plastic Bag bin for bins Jenny Duffy and Alyssa Head
Plastic for Art Tegan Downey, Delia-Isabel Burcui , Amelia Boasman
Wash and Go Drinks Machine Joshua Day.

Thank you in advance for your support.

The Science Department.