The dance department aims to develop pupil’s creativity, motor-skills, self-confidence and interpersonal skills through learning and performing a range of Dance styles. Dance supports the Physical Education curriculum- giving pupils an opportunity to adopt a healthy and balanced life style with exercise, dance and fitness being an important aspect of their lifestyle.

KS3 Dance

Pupils in Year 7, 8 & 9 focus on the core skills of Dance- Performance, Choreography and Appreciation. Through theme and stimulus-based lessons; pupils create, perform and analyse their own and professional Dance work. Pupils explore a range of Dance styles including: Contemporary, Modern, Street, Jazz, Freestyle and Cultural.


Introduction to Dance- An exploration of the key skills used to create choreography.

Olympics- Linking Dance and sport focussing on key actions.

Cartoons- An exploration of characterisation and performance skills.

Professional Works- An exploration of professional Dance works including the Nutcracker!

Horror- Narrative based Dance focussing on physical theatre.

Free Running- Gymnastic/ Dance based focussing on physical skills.

Hip Hop- An exploration of street Dance and free style.

KS4 Dance

Pupils in Years 10 & 11 continue to build on key skills acquired in KS3. The BTEC Dance course allows pupils to build on choreography, performance and appreciation skills. Pupils develop their dance technique through workshops in a variety of styles. Physical, Expressive and Mental skills are developed throughout the course.

The BTEC Level 2 Tech Award in Performing Arts (Dance) allows students to develop both their theoretical and practical knowledge of dance through vocational contexts. 

Component 1 & 2 are internally assessed and completed in year 10 of the course.  The components aim to develop core knowledge and understanding of a range of performance styles and disciplines, and the key features that contribute to them, such as practitioners’ roles, responsibilities, skills and techniques.  Students are expected to develop and apply skills, such as practical and interpretative, rehearsal and performance in dance through workshops and classes. Reflective practice to develop their skills and techniques will take place regularly as students are required to respond to feedback and identify areas for improvement using relevant presentation techniques, for example a logbook.

Component 3 is an externally assessed component which is based on a key task that requires students to demonstrate that they can identify and use effectively an appropriate selection of skills, techniques, concepts, theories and knowledge from across the whole qualification in an integrated way.  The key task requires students to apply performance skills and techniques in response to a brief and stimulus, developing a group workshop performance for a selected audience.