In the Music Department we aim to provide the opportunity for all students to investigate the musical world around them. We set out to enrich the lives of our students by developing their appreciation of the language of Music and by allowing them to express themselves, creatively through musical composition and performance.

Key Stage 3

The KS3 course provides students with the opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding through the integration of performing, composing and listening.

In Year 7, students study how music can be broken down into individual elements. They perform in groups and individually, learning how to listen and react to the sounds around them.

In Year 8, students further develop their instrumental skills through a number of workshops, using both the keyboards and guitars.


Key Stage 4

Students opting to take GCSE Music course will follow the Eduqas Syllabus. During this course students develop their understanding of Music through the investigation of four main areas of study:
1: Musical Forms and Devices Area of study 
2: Music for Ensemble Area of study 
3: Film Music Area of study 
4: Popular Music 
Students will also compose two original pieces of music, using Music Technology to help. They will also submit a recorded performance of at least four minutes in duration which comprises of at least two performances, one of which is an ensemble.

Key Stage 5 Music

We also offer EDEXCEL A level Music Technology 

This comprises of four elements:


Component 1: Recording

Production tools and techniques to capture, edit, process and mix an audio recording


Component 2: Technology-based composition

Creating, editing, manipulating and structuring sounds to produce a technology-based composition.


Component 3: Listening and analysing

Knowledge and understanding of recording and production techniques and principles, in the context of a series of unfamiliar commercial recordings supplied by Pearson.

Application of knowledge related to all three areas of study: o recording and production techniques for both corrective and creative purposes

Principles of sound and audio technology

The development of recording and production technology.


Component 4: Producing and analysing

Knowledge and understanding of editing, mixing and production techniques, to be applied to unfamiliar materials provided by Pearson in the examination. Application of knowledge related to two of the areas of study: o recording and production techniques for both corrective and creative purposes o principles of sound and audio technology.