Our Curriculum

Hylands School Curriculum


We believe that our students should have the best experiences and opportunities that

inspire their love of learning that challenge them both academically and personally so that they can

achieve their aspirational goals and become successful members of the local and global community.



At Hylands School, we offer a curriculum which is designed to be broad and balanced. It is fully

inclusive of and accessible by, all students whatever their start points. We are firmly committed to a

progressive curriculum that supports inclusion and is tailored to a wide range of needs, aspirations

and interests whilst maintaining the highest quality of teaching and learning. Our curriculum has

been developed to support the school’s vision of inspire, challenge, achieve and we believe that it

should prepare students with skills necessary for life well beyond Hylands School.



Our curriculum:

  • Inspires a love of learning by creating stimulating, thought-provoking and engaging opportunities for all students
  • Inspires staff to create exciting and challenging lessons which excites students and fosters a climate of independent and resilient learning
  • Inspires students to be self-motivated and ready to learn whatever the situation or circumstance



Our curriculum:

  • Creates a depth of learning where all students are stretched and challenged both academically and personally
  • Allows staff to have high expectations of all learners
  • Challenges all students to set high aspirational goals
  • Creates resilient learners who are not afraid of risk-taking and failures – we challenge them to reflect on these and learn from them in order to grow


Our curriculum:

  • Creates a culture of aspirational high achievement in both academic and extra-curricular activities
  • Creates responsible and respectful students who will be able to make a positive contribution to the local and global community
  • Allows everyone to experience success and prepares students to have the best possible opportunities and life chances
  • Raises progress and standards of attainment
  • Develops a clear path of progression over their time at Hylands School

Subject Overview 

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