Through role play and reflection the Drama department aims to give students the opportunity to consider their own and others’ attitudes in a controlled environment.

Drama enhances a student’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development as well as allowing them to develop as speakers and listeners. Students develop their studies in Drama by developing their drama techniques, performance and theatre skills through a combination of improvisation in lessons and script work.

Key Stage 3

The focus in year 7&8 is developing knowledge and acquiring techniques that will be crucial for GCSE Drama.  Drama at Hylands School is structured termly by process based around learning essential skills and discipline needed at GCSE level. This is explored and communicated through a range of explorative strategies and stimuli; each term with a different focus. Schemes of work are set and underpinned by a strong appreciation of Drama history and analysis, specialist subject vocabulary and literacy, home learning and discussion.

The curriculum is:

• Murder Mystery

• Woman in Black

• Exploration of Strategies

• Physical Theatre / Non Naturalism

•Practitioner Workshops / Performance

Key Stage 4

GCSE Drama offers students the opportunity to develop a range of performance skills as well as important social skills, enabling them to become as professional and accomplished as they can be for their future. Students complete three units with the examination board Edexcel exploring a range of skills and stimuli. They also complete their controlled assessments which include evaluations of the two practical examinations and a theatre review.

The curriculum is:

  • GCSE Unit 1 Examination – The exploration of a theme

  • GCSE Unit 2 Examination- The exploration of a play and its intentions

  • GCSE Unit 3 Examination- The showcase performance based on a theme