The Geography Department Aims

  • To inspire students’ to think critically about their place in the world in order to create responsible citizens, prepared for life in the 21st century.
  • To make Geography enjoyable and relevant to the lives of Hylands Students’.
  • To create successful Geographers, with a sense of wonder about 'The World'.

Key Stage 3

Our current Key Stage 3 topics and areas of study are:

Year 7

Introduction to Geography and Mapwork

Exploring Britain through skills and maps

Different places around the world e.g. Australia

Essex and Chelmsford Enquiry - My Local Area

Year 8

Ecosystems and Environments e.g. Tropical Rainforests

Physical Landscapes - Rivers, Coasts, Mountains / Wilderness

Development Around the World - Studying Countries Such as Kenya and China

Tourism in different places

Key Stage 3 Text Books used:

GEOG:1 - ISBN 987-0-19-913493-9

GEOG:2 - ISBN 978-0-19-913494-6

GEOG:3 - ISBN 978-0-19-913495-3


We hope to run fieldwork for our Key Stage 3 Students. In the past we have run successful trips to destinations such as Kent and its Coastal Areas

We are expanding our fieldwork within the School area and this links in with projects and investigations that we study in Years 7 and 8.

Key Stage 4

Our current Key Stage 4 course is the new AQA Geography 'A' and we plan to study:

Physical Geography:

  • The challenge of Natural Hazards

  • The Living World

  • Physical Landscapes in the UK

  • Human Geography:

  • Urban Issues & Challenges

  • The changing Economic World

  • The challenge of Resource Management

Geographical Applications:

  • Physical and Human fieldwork

  • Decisions based upon Pre-released Material


We will be running 2 different days of Fieldwork in and around our local area of Chelmsford and Essex.

We are also hoping to run Trips to other places such as Essex and further afield.

Key Stage 5

Our planned course for Year 12 and 13 will study these topics:

  • Water and Carbon Cycles

  • Coastal Systems and Landscapes

  • Geographical Hazards

  • Contemporary Urban Environments

  • Global systems and Global governance

  • Changing Places

We will provide students with at least 4 days of full fieldwork where they will study both Human and Physical Geography. We hope to visit both local and places further afield.