Gifted & Talented

At Hylands School Gifted and Talented students are identified in each year group. They are monitored throughout their time at Hylands and the register is continuously updated based on government testing results and teacher’s national curriculum assessment levels. Each student’s workload and progress in all subjects will be monitored. Enrichment and further development will be offered throughout the year in a number of subjects.

Parents will be informed formally of their child’s inclusion on the Gifted and Talented register during the Autumn term. The Gifted and Talented register is a working document, therefore it will be reviewed at the end of each academic year. If a student is on the Gifted and Talented register it means that Hylands have recognised that the student has the potential to succeed. Subject teachers will challenge Gifted and Talented students in lessons to unlock this potential.

What is a Gifted and Talented student?

A student will be termed as ‘able’ in individual subjects, this means the student demonstrates higher than average attainment levels and/or meets subject specific criteria that would suggest the student has the potential to achieve well in a certain subject.

If a student is recognised across a range of subjects as being ‘able’ and demonstrates higher learning skills then they will be identified as ‘Gifted and Talented’.

  • The Gifted and Talented register accounts for the top 10% of the whole School.

How do we identify Gifted and Talented students?

Hylands School uses a range of methods in the identification of Gifted and Talented students. The identification of students from each year is made using the following methods:

  • Information from primary schools.

  • Internal and external assessment and formal testing.

  • Specific criteria developed by curriculum area/subjects.

  • Each department has their own methods.

What to expect for your Gifted and Talented child?

All students have an entitlement to the following:

  • Lessons which actively engage, interest and challenge through well planned high quality lessons that aim to stretch every individual in the class room.

  • Mentoring and guidance to ensure your child’s all round well-being as they strive to achieve their challenging targets.

  • A broad range of extracurricular activities to enrich their learning across all subject areas.

  • Through ‘challenge sessions’ where Gifted and Talented students participate in activities that go beyond the curriculum and ignite their passion for subjects.

  • Skilled, well prepared and informed staff who have a commitment to develop your child’s full potential at all times.

Gifted and Talented at Home

As a parent you are naturally looking for ways to extend your child’s progress at home. Gifted and Talented students are expected to complete extension tasks for homework so that they are challenged on a regular basis.

We would urge you to encourage your child to attend any extracurricular clubs where their individual skills can be nurtured.

Hylands School is a member of potential plus uk you can find some useful advice on their web site.

Being identified as Gifted and Talented merely highlights that a student has potential to succeed.

It is through consistent dedication and hard work that will allow that potential to materialise into achievement.