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Governing Body

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Governing Body

Hylands School is an academy as part of The Kemnal Academies Trust (TKAT).

TKAT is a multi-academy trust which was established on 1st September 2011. Its constitution is set out in the Articles of Association and this is shared with individual academies via the Scheme of Delegation. TKAT have, through the Scheme of Delegation, established Local Governing Bodies for each of the Academies.

The Local Governing Body of each of the Academies is responsible for fulfilling the strategic and operational governance role in the conduct of the Academy.

Please follow this link to see the Directors of the TKAT Board: (http://www.tkat.org/96/meet-the-team)

Please follow this link to see Governance Information relating to TKAT, including structure of governance and relevant details about Trustees terms of office, attendance and business interests : (https://www.tkat.org/140/governance)

Mission Statement

We provide the highest quality education for each child.

The Local Governing Body is committed to realising the vision that Hylands School will become an outstanding provider of education.

Through a proactive process of support and challenge we will strive to ensure that:

  • Unlock every student’s talent and ability to recognise the uniqueness of every child.
  • Focus on creating the best opportunities for effective learning for all.
  • To inspire and challenge each student to achieve their goals throughout their life.
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  • Governors Impact Statement 19 20
  • GB Impact Statements And Stratgy Planning
  • Scheme Of Delegation Sept 2016
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