Art and Design

In Year 7 students embark on the Visual Elements - a skills based project in the first half term. This includes direct observational drawing techniques, colour theory and shape and form studies. Later in the year, we aim to build on these skills via thematic approaches. Our current projects are: Me, Myself and I and Animals in Art.

In year 8 we focus on extending students’ knowledge and understanding of Art by further use of traditional methods and media as well as expressive and experimental approaches.  We aim to develop confidence, ideas and skills. Themes include Modigliani and the Mask and Viewpoints.

In year 9 the emphasis is on development of ideas in art.  This is a significant element of the course at GCSE and A level and students need to explore and develop ideas drawn from their imagination and experience, from their own observations and from the material they have collected.  We also study a range of contemporary artists to help us develop meaning in our work.

Home learning is set weekly and involves the gathering of visual information, direct observation drawing activities and sustained project work. We encourage pupils to work in creative ways at home in addition to formal home learning; exploring their ideas and recording in a variety of media. Work is assessed on a regular basis to ensure students are challenged and engaged in their Art studies.

The GCSE course is intended for those learners who want to follow a broad course in Art and Design. The learners will be introduced to a variety of experiences; exploring a range of two-dimensional and three-dimensional media, techniques and processes, including both traditional and contemporary themes and approaches.

Each project is themed and each student is encouraged to develop an idea independently and take responsibility for their own learning. The course is 60% controlled assessment - this is made up of work from throughout the first part of the course and the mock examination.

The examination (Externally Set Assignment) is worth 40% of the final GCSE grade.

Students are expected to complete sketchbook/preparatory studies, which cover the assessment objectives, as well as completing folder work to develop an idea towards a final outcome. Students will display their work in an exhibition, in the final term, in preparation for final assessment and moderation.

Key Stage 5

Students enter our EDEXCEL A Level ‘Art, Craft and Design’ course having studied Art and Design at GCSE. Students will be required to visit galleries and places of interest in order to inspire and encourage a creative and visual response. Work is assessed by teaching staff and externally moderated, students are encouraged to critique their own and each others’ work on a weekly basis.

Component 1:

Expression and Exploration - Personal Portfolio/Coursework

Students are encouraged to work with a broad range of materials, looking at Expression and Exploration in painting and drawing materials. Students research a range of artists, and other contextual references, to inspire their own work.

Personal Investigation/Portfolio including a written assignment

Students will be encouraged to select a theme which is personal and meaningful to them. Students will be required to develop a range of preparatory studies and final outcomes.

Component 2: Externally Set Assignment (including 15 hours timed examination)

The externally set assignment is based on a theme issued by the exam board. Students will be supported through the preparatory period in order to thoroughly explore and respond to the theme. Students spend a number of weeks exploring ideas and completing preparatory studies in preparation for their final outcome which is completed over fifteen hours in examination conditions.