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Focussing on our students’ wellbeing

We have teamed up with Edukit to deliver an online programme of surveys which will enable us to monitor and understand our students’ wellbeing. The Edukit surveys allow us to benchmark wellbeing against national trends as well as providing all students a voice about their wellbeing. For further information about Edukit please go to https://www.edukit.org.uk/our-vision

Surveys will be undertaken during school time either in tutor time or during character and culture lessons. Surveys will be offered to all student in each year group once per term so we can see the impact of the support and interventions we offer in school as well as the impact of events outside of school. The survey information will be used to better support our students.

In addition to the surveys we will shortly be launching a wellbeing app which will offer advice and information to students about a range of topics such as mental health, resilience, self-esteem, exercise and many other wellbeing issues. I look forward to sharing further details of the app with you in due course.

The wellbeing of our students is paramount to us and we are sure we will see the benefits to our students of our new programme. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this.

Ms K Sosin

Assistant Headteacher

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