Hylands Café

We continue to offer a wide range of healthy food and drinks both at break and lunchtime. Our four-weekly menu cycle is included in the newsletter and below for your information. We aim to keep prices low and affordable to all students. Our menu is revised termly to enable season-inspired dishes to be served.

We encourage all parents and carers to use ParentPay to make payments for our cashless catering system, trips, activities, and resources.

For details on how to use ParentPay account, please.


Free School Meals

Am I entitled? If you are receiving certain benefits, your child may be entitled to a free, nutritious school meal.

Did you know… Free School Meals entitlement is now linked to Pupil Premium Funding and for 6th form students to Bursary qualification.  Students transferring from primary to secondary school may need to re-apply in year 7 for their entitlement to continue.

There is a new website that enables parents to quickly check if their child is eligible for Free School Meals. If eligible, it will provide you with a certificate that can be handed into the school.

We would encourage all parents that feel they might be eligible for Free School Meals to use this service to check.

The link for the website is below. When you enter the website, you will need to select the county and then Hylands School. You will be greeted by a message that states that we are not yet fully integrated into the service, however, you can still use this service by agreeing to the privacy notice. This will take you to the next screen where you will need to enter some details which will provide you with the result –  whether you are eligible or not.

For a user guide on how to check your eligibility, please see the document below named ‘Step by step for FSM Checker’.

If you are eligible, please print off the certificate and bring it to the school so that we register you in order to add money to your child’s account. This takes 24 hours to take effect.



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Parent Pay

When your child started at Hylands, you would have received a letter that provided you with a username and password for ‘ParentPay’. If you no longer have this letter or require your password to be reset, please email hylandsoffice@hylands-tkat.org.

Parents who do not have access to make payments online can request the school office to order them a ‘PayPoint’ card to enable them to top up lunch money at their local shop. If you feel that you may need to use this service, please contact the school office. The cost of each card is £1.50 plus VAT.

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