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Mental health during childhood and adolescence is very important. Difficulties like anxiety and depression can start when people are young and it is important for young people and their families to understand these difficulties and get support when needed.


PIPA Trial

The PIPA Trial is exploring the effectiveness of an online resource for parents/carers to help reduce depression and anxiety in young people. The trial is being coordinated by the University of Warwick and involves families of young people aged 11-15 years from schools in the UK.

The trial is free and conducted completely online. Eligible parents/carers and young people will be asked to complete some questionnaires. Parents/carers will then receive access to some online parenting resources: either the standard educational package of factsheets or the personalised programme with up to nine modules. Parents/carers and young people will also be asked to complete some follow-up questionnaires.

Please look out for the letter about how to sign up which also contains some information sheets with more details. If you have any questions, please speak to Ms K Sosin or contact the PIPA trial team at or 02476574316/02476575078.



This term there are a number of free webinars for parents and carers. Each week will focus on a different skill within the three strands of becoming a #NeuroNinja which is a programme to tackle the difficulties faced by young people and their families. To find out more visit the You Tube channel.

All webinars start at 8pm and run for 30 mins, there’s always time for questions at the end.  This term’s webinars for parents and carers are:

Well-Being Strand Webinars

Tue 22 June 8pm: Brain Science of Making Good Choices (1): GCSEs, College Courses, Careers

Wed 23 June 8pm: Brain Science of Making Good Choices (2): Responses, Peers Groups, Tech Use

Thu 24 June 8pm: Make Better Choices Net: How To Make Better Choices Everyday

Mind Management Webinars

Tue 29 June 8pm: Supporting Your Child With Change (1): Transition and Moving On and Up

Wed 30 June 8pm: Supporting Your Child with Change (2): Friendship Turmoils & Social Obsessions

Thu 1 July 8pm: Build A Balanced Response to Change

Unleashing Learning and Productivity Webinars

Tue 6 July 8pm: Summer Learning Loss Is Real: What To Do About It (1)

Wed 7 July 8pm: Summer Learning Loss Is Real: What To Do About It (2)

Thu 8 July 8pm: Avoid the Downward Spiral of Boredom and Meh This Summer

Build a NeuroNinja letter to parents

Family Learning – a variety of useful and interesting courses and activities for parents/carers and children.

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Why join one of ACL’s courses?

ACL’s aim is “Improving Lives through Adult Learning in Essex”, as part of this we have a dedicated Community and Family Learning team to support parents/carers/others supporting children and families in Essex.

The ACL family learning team work with anyone with caring responsibility for children and young people (parents, carers, grandparents) across Essex, working in partnership with schools, pre-schools, nurseries, community organisations and partners that support families to learn together.

All our current Essex Wide courses/workshops for all parents/carers/grandparents are delivered online and are FREE to attend.

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