Staff Contact Details

Senior Leadership Team

Ms M Callaghan Executive Headteacher
Mr C White Deputy Headteacher
Mr S Anjum Deputy Headteacher
Miss C McMillan Assistant Headteacher
Miss F Jakes Assistant Headteacher
Ms B Twumasi Assistant Headteacher
Ms S Cardy Assistant Headteacher
Mrs S Fortenbacher Assistant Headteacher
Mrs K Adams-Howell Assistant Headteacher
Mrs Joanne Nyland-Fink Business Manager

Heads of Year

Miss A Palocsai and Mrs S Wilkinson-Ross Heads of Year 7
Miss B Parnaby Head of Year 8
Miss N Heidelmann Head of Year 9
Miss A Wilkinson and Miss R Stephens Heads of Year 10
Mrs M Field Head of Year 11
Mr D Hewlett Head of Years 12/13

Pastoral Support Managers

Mrs S Hart KS3
Miss L Back KS4


Mr J Pagan Head of Mathematics
Mrs S Ellinor Mathematics Teacher
Mr A Gideon Mathematics Teacher
Mr M Mohseni Mathematics Teacher
Mr A Robinson Mathematics Teacher
Mr J Uddin Mathematics Teacher
Mr G Baker Mathematics Teacher 


Miss S Morley English Lead Practitioner
Ms K Day English Teacher
Mrs D Dobinson English Teacher
Miss K Evans Head of English
Mrs A Treadway English Teacher
Miss L Harris English Teacher


Mr K Cox Head of Science
Mrs T Ingamell Second in Science 
Mrs P Baghdasarian Science Teacher
Mrs D Kilby Senior Technician
Mr C White Deputy Head Teacher/ Science Teacher
Mrs S Fortenbacher SENCO/ Science Teacher
Mr H Ahmed Director of STEM
Mr C Gilmour Science Teacher
Ms N Heidelmann Science Teacher / Head of Year 8
Mr D Kail Science/PE Teacher
Mr T Candler Science Teacher
Mr R Hill Science Technician


Mrs T Hurst Head of Humanities Faculty
Mr J Nirenga Subject Lead Geography
Mrs S Wilkinson-Ross Geography/PE teacher /Head of Year 7
Mrs M Field RE Teacher / Head of Year 10
Ms E Govus Humanities Teacher
Miss A Marsh Head of Personnel Development
Miss A Palocsai History Teacher
Miss R Stephens French Teacher / Head of Year 10


Ms A Palocsai History Teacher/ Head of Year 7
Ms A Marsh History Teacher

Creative Arts & Technology

Mrs K Adams-Howell Head of Faculty – Arts/ Music Teacher
Mr P Brown Associate Head of Music
Mrs L M Smith Head of Performing Arts/ PA and Dance Teacher
Mr J Claflin Head of Drama
Mrs S Humphreys Head of Art
Miss B Parnaby Art & Photography Teacher / Head of Year 8
Miss A Warren  Drama Teacher
Mr K Phillips Music Teacher


Mrs L Trikamji Head of Department/ Food Technology Teacher
Mr P Ransley Technology Teacher


Miss C McMillan Head of PE/ Assistant Headteacher
Mr D Hewlett PE Teacher / Head of Sixth Form
Mr D Kail PE/ Head of Science 
Miss L Smith Head of Dance / ITT and ECT Coordinator
Mrs C Wood PE Teacher
Mrs S Wilkinson-Ross PE & Geography Teacher/ Head of Year 7

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