The Kemnal Academies Trust is one of the largest Multi-Academy Trusts in the South and East of England with 45 Special, Primary, Secondary and All Through Academies in the TKAT Family.

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Hylands attaches great importance to supporting students in dealing with any difficulties they may have. We are proud of the strong reputation we have for pastoral care in the school.

We have successfully put in place structures to look after the welfare of our students. Our pastoral care are known as our ‘Wellbeing Team’  This team covers all aspects of student wellbeing both academic and personal.

We strive to get to know our students individually – a process which begins with Tutors. Added to this, we have recently enhanced the structure with creation of a dedicated Wellbeing Team.

Parents can now contact by phone or email any of the Wellbeing Team who are on hand to deal directly with any problems.

These members of staff are very proactive. They tour the school, strengthening relationships with their year groups and supporting teachers to ensure every student attains their full potential.

If you would like to visit the school to speak personally with a member of the above wellbeing team, please telephone the school for an appointment before arriving to school. If an appropriate member of staff is not available we promise a prompt call as soon as possible.

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School Anxiety and Refusal

Case Studies

Case Study - Year 7

We believe that our students deserve the best experiences and opportunities available to them

Case Study 2 - Year 8

Students enjoy their study programmes and the wider opportunities that are available to them.

Transition - Whole School

‘Reading is given a high priority. Pupils have regular opportunities to read across the curriculum and in form time.’ Hylands is a happy and friendly school where the atmosphere is productive and supportive for all learners. Our experienced and committed teaching staff aim to stretch and challenge all our students to achieve their absolute potential and to support them through their learning journey from start to finish. Our students enjoy their time at Hylands and we love watching them grow and flourish into independent, positive young people.

Hylands Helpers - Year 7

Hylands Helper students can apply to be part of the ‘Hylands Helpers’ scheme from January of Year 7. Students will be able to help support community projects and also be part of the transition process for the following year.
Case Study
Case Study 2
Hylands Helpers