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Safeguarding Students

Here at Hylands School we believe that every member of the school community has a right to an education free from intimidation and fear.


If you have any concerns please contact our safeguarding lead Mrs H Norton-Lawrence by telephoning the school.

Safeguarding Students

Safegarding and Child Portection Arrangements during closure due to COVID-19

Introduction to Cyber Security and Data Protection



If you are being bullied, please contact the students form tutor via the main office on 01245 266766.

At Hylands School we are committed to ensuring that the safety and welfare of our students both inside and outside is of paramount importance.

If you need help and somewhere to turn that offers free, safe and anonymous online support for young people then follow the link below:

Our Safeguarding/Child Protection Team.

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) Mrs H Norton-Lawrence                Mrs H  Norton-Lawrence

Contact Number                                                                                                                01245 266766 Ext 109

Deputy DSL and Child Welfare Officer  Mrs G Evans                                       Mrs G Evans

Contact Number                                                                                                                01245 266766 Ext 353

Deputy DSL                                                                                                                      Mr R Hepworth

Contact Number                                                                                                                01245 266766 Ext 365

Deputy DSL                                                                                                                      Mrs W Foley

Contact Number                                                                                                               01245 266766 Ext 363

Deputy DSL                                                                                                                         Mrs S Henriques

Contact Number                                                                                                              01245 266766 Ext 118

The Internet is an exciting place with endless opportunities for fun, games and education. It can also be an extremely dangerous place for teenagers unless it is used properly.

Make sure all laptops and computers are used in a communal area where the screen can be seen by all.

  • Social Networking and On-line Gaming:
  • NEVER include the date of birth, address or school name in the “About me” section
  • Only post photos that you would be happy to show your gran! Be careful posting photos showing your school badge, the outside of your house/school
  • ONLY accept people you know in the “real world”
  • Tell your child never to accept an invitation to move to a chat room with someone they have met while online gaming
  • If your child is subjected to any form of cyber bullying:
  • Keep a record of the abuse for future investigation
  • Webcams – Be aware of the information that is visible via the webcam – i.e. names on certificates, posters of favourite pop stars

Gang Awareness

Useful Links:

Kooth is an online counselling and emotional well-being service for children and young people aged 11-25 years and is available 365 days a year – Weekdays 12-10pm and Weekends 6-10pm www.kooth.com

Safe Teens 


How to Keep Children Safe in Public Places

Online Safety Videos

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  • 5 Ways To Develop Resilience Outside Of School
  • ChatHealth Essex
  • CSE Hotline Letter V1.0
  • Gaming Disorder
  • Safeguarding And Child Protection Policy 2019 2020
  • Factsheet One Being Safe 3
  • Factsheet Two Keeping Connected 1
  • Factsheet Three Understanding Resilience 5
  • Factsheet Four Nurturing Environment 4
  • Factsheet Five Healthy Relationships 2
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